Working Well – Promoting job and career opportunities for those with IBD

This report, based on interviews with employers and employees, explores the impact that IBD has upon the world of work. It also recommends that government services such as Access to Work and the Fit for Work service must be reformed to support those with IBD as it now affects 1 person in every 250 in the UK and costs the economy around £300 million a year.
Recommendations for individuals, employers and other stakeholders to help improve the experience of those at work include:

• Individuals equipping themselves with information and having the confidence to disclose their condition
• Employers ensuring that line managers are good people managers and developing a supportive culture which offers flexibility and occupational health services
• Healthcare professionals ensuring work is a clinical outcome of care and expanding numbers of specialist nurses
• Patient charities raising awareness among employers
• And government ensuring that the Access To Work and Fit For Work should address the specific need of those with IBD

Authors: Zofia Bajorek, Kate Summers and Stephen Bevan

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