The City’s Business: helping young Londoners towards and into employment

Nearly one in five young Londoners is unemployed. The capital has the third highest rate of 16 – 24 year olds out of work in England. It is time to tackle youth unemployment in London with renewed dedication. The City’s Business (2MB) is a guide that offers practical suggestions on how City institutions can help young people to develop the skills that employers require to meet current and future demands.

The guide looks at how and when you, as a City institution, can engage with young people and see the benefits to your organisation; finding new talent and diversifying your workforce. You can use this to develop your talent strategy, learn about what other organisations are doing, or share it with your colleagues who are interested in supporting young Londoners.
The content of this guide has been informed by a panel of senior people from City businesses, Livery companies, voluntary and community organisations working with young people, London local authorities and the City Corporation.

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