Investing in a Workforce Fit for the Future

Poor employment outcomes for people with long-term health conditions contradicts the fact that many people with such conditions are able and motivated to work – what is lacking is the right support to enable them to do so. The costs of ill-health in the working age population are not only borne by the health, social and welfare systems, but also in terms of national productivity, and by individuals and their families. An ageing population, higher retirement age, and increased chronic illness mean the workforce health challenge issue is likely to grow.
‘Investing in a Workforce Fit for the Future’ sets out the workforce health policy challenge to government. Based on the four white papers produced by the Health at Work Policy Unit in the last year, we outline four policy challenges and current gaps in policy, before making recommendations for government action.
The four challenges are:
Incentivising employers to take action
Supporting individuals with long-term conditions
Driving action at a local level
Supporting older workers with health problems
We believe that the Government and other stakeholders should act on our recommendations for change, which will contribute to building a healthy, productive UK workforce that is fit for the present, and fit for the future.

Author: Health at Work Policy Unit

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