Healthy, Working Economies

This paper, the third from the Health at Work Policy Unit, highlights good practice examples where policy has been used at a local level to achieve improved workforce health. It makes a number of recommendations to both national and local policymakers as to how policy could more effectively encourage joined-up action on workforce health locally. Other key recommendations include:
1. Public Health England should make “good work” for all one of its big ambitions as set out in its business plan in order to send a clear message to regional and local public health teams
DWP should devolve greater responsibility to local areas for the re-commissioning of the Work Programme
2. Employment data should be collected through the health system and be used to more accurately benchmark local authorities progress around the health and wellbeing of the working age population
3. National outcomes frameworks should be better aligned around health and employment
4. Central government should pool existing funds into a budget for local areas to access, to tackle the wider social determinants of health (the Marmot principles)

Authors: Victoria Shreeve, Karen Steadman and Stephen Bevan

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